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Cold Storage and Distribution for your company in the Hawaiian Islands.

frozen and refrigerated truck delivery and distribution

We offer everything necessary for your retail and wholesale cold-storage and distribution needs. We are not only equipped with great cold storage facilities on all of the major Hawaiian Islands, but we also offer transportation and distribution services. Your company can benefit from our great facilities along with our experienced drivers to keep your stores and facilities stocked with fresh products.


Warehouse storage for frozen or refrigerated food products

We carry the leading products in the frozen foods industry that are waiting to be taken to your store in the islands. Since we specialize in Ice Cream storage and distribution, you can get access to brands such as: Bryers, Ben & Jerry's, Slim Fast, Klondike, Popsicle and many more.



Check out our list of brands and products that we offer:

Ice Cream Distribution Hawaii


Ice Cream Distribution Hawaii


Ice Cream Distribution Hawaii


Ice Cream Distribution Hawaii


Ice Cream Distribution Hawaii

Ben & Jerry's

Ice Cream Distribution Hawaii


Ice Cream Distribution Hawaii

Good Humor


Reliable Cold storage in Hawaii

We offer a variety of services for your business including cold storage and distribution. Our experienced drivers take care of the transportation of the frozen food products for you.

Cold Storage

Our cold storage facilities are built to last. We have back-up generators and power-supplies to keep the products destined to you cold and fresh. It's hot outside in Hawaii, so transportation vehicles are built to maintain the freezing temperatures required for frozen foods transportation to your location in the islands.


We have frozen food distribution centers throughout the Hawaiian Islands, Check out our locations to see if we service your island. We distribute to Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii (Big Island). Our distribution service ensures that you receive your products fresh and on-schedule.

Logistics & Freight

Our drivers are trained and certified for the transportation of your frozen food products. Contact us to work out a schedule to replenish you inventory and keep it fresh. Flexible scheduling allows us to meet your needs and get what you need on-time. For more information, please contact our service representatives that can be reached on our Locations Page

Ice Cream Distribution in Hawaii

Origin of Icecream

Where did this delectable treat come from and who is responsible for making it so popular? Think about how far we have come...

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We take care of Logistics and Storage for you frozen and refrigerated food products

Shipping and Logistics

We handle everything from cold storage, shipping and transportation in the Hawaiian Islands. Find out more about our services.

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refrigerated and frozen Distribution for your frozen food products

Distribution Services

We have frozen food distribution centers throughout the Hawaiian Islands and our experienced distribution staff is ready to serve your business.

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